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Ramadan days …

I never cease to be surprised when Casablanca empties out during the month of August - for the Mediterranean north coast, or the 120 degree sauna that is Marrakech in the late summer. With an idyllic climate, why don't the Casablancais just stay home? This is one of the vestige(...)


What Would Rick Say? (1)

As an American running his bar in Casablanca during turbulent times, Rick managed to create a neutral oasis while being buffeted by the local authorities and political refugees. Hiding his social and political beliefs behind a cynical exterior, he didn't encourage controversy - especial(...)


What Would Rick Say? (2)

When the film "Casablanca" premiered more than 60 years ago, Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) became perhaps the most well known American expatriate saloon keeper in the world. His murkey past included fighting for liberal causes and siding with the underdog. He maintained neutra(...)