The House Cocktail

Sunday, June 13 2004, 00:00:00

Rick's is located on Boulevard Sour Jdid - "new walls" in Arabic - at the end of the Medina walls. English speakers have suggested there has to be a cocktail called a "Sour Jdid". Sitting in my corner one night I got an inspiration, went behind the bar and started mixing. The Sour Jdid is composed of Red Label scotch, red vermouth, mashed lemon slices and a splash of sparkling water. Refreshing, and a natural for "two-fers" as it's impossible to drink just one! Now we have chevaliers on the bar featuring a beautifully posed glass of our Sour Jdid and it's a hit. The Red Label suppliers are very happy too, and as usual Rick's is on the cutting edge in marketing. When I called our Johnnie Walker supplier with this news he said they'd just had a meeting regarding a campaign featuring the mixability of Red Label. We've made some technical adjustments to smooth out the taste and now we invite you to share in SOUR HOUR!