Best Usual Jammer !

Tuesday, November 08 2005, 00:00:00

The last 3 months or so, the jam sessions have been significantly embellished by the mellow sound of Paul's trumpet. Paul Bouclier is a friend of Xavier's, our official drummer.

Since he arrived to morocco this young French musician has been a regular jammer and hardly missed a single gig. Paul plays guitar, ethnic percussions and has come to Morocco to practice trumpet. Actualy, everyone noticed that he has a beautiful sound and a brilliant sense of improvisation. Always in a kind of “explore” mode he would work his notes and build a phrasing that obviously betray his multiple musical experiences.

Waiting for a forthcoming musical award acknowledgment, at Rick's we gave him a Best Usual Jammer Certificate in modest recognition and the first out of the oven JamSession black t-shirt.