Senators at Rick's

Thursday, June 16 2016, 00:00:00

Rick’s Café recently welcomed a Congressional Delegation for dinner.  Led by Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee the members included Senator Mike Enzi, Senator Richard Durbin and Representative Fred Upton with their wives and staffs.  
It’s always great having the chance to meet members of Congress and tell them a little of the Rick’s Café story.   They can’t help but understand that Morocco is a special place amidst such regional turbulence.

After dinner Senator Alexander had a special favour to ask – could he play “As Time Goes By” on the piano?  Of course - and as you see by the video his performance was top notch.  

Soon after their return to the U.S. Senator Alexander sent Kathy this very thoughtful email:

I have played on the Billy Graham Crusade and with symphony orchestras but nothing beats playing “As Time Goes By” at Rick’s Café in Casablanca.   Thank you very much for allowing me do it.  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and our visit. Reading your book makes me even more impressed with what you have accomplished. 
Sincerely, Lamar Alexander, United States Senator(Tennessee)

”I thank the Congressmen” says Kathy, “ and their party again for spending some time at our Gin Joint and remind each one if things get a little too tense in D.C. that You’ll always have Casablanca”