CNN Crew at Rick's !

Saturday, May 01 2004, 00:00:00

CNN correspondent Al Goodman and Scotty, CNN cameraman, visited Rick's Cafe for filming on April 29. Their coverage included an interview with "Madame Rick" - Kathy Kriger - and scenes of the restaurant's ambience, interviews with customers, music from Issam on the piano as well as the chef directing orders out of the kitchen.

The camera caught the dramatic lighting and architectural details that mirror the film and customers' remarks added some fun. "It's better than the film, it's in color," said Emilio de la Guardia, Director of the Spanish Investment Agency Cofides. Asked if she felt like in a movie, a French woman replied, "No, my whole life is like a movie." If Bogart walked in, where would Kathy seat him? "I'd put him in the corner of the bar, where I sit. There's a cozy little lamp there, it's comfortable and you can still see who walks in the door." The piece aired on CNN International and US Headline News Thursday, May 6 and was also posted on the CNN website.

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