Friday, October 09 2015, 00:00:00

Those of you who saw the Dexter Gordon special announcement in the agenda might have wondered about the saxophone player Ugo.
Well, long story short, he's french besides being very talented and he has a beautiful sound on the tenor saxophone. But if you wish to know a little more, here it goes.
Born in 1982 in Olemps (12), he begins learning the alto saxophone at 12. He enters the Conservatory of Montpellier in 1998 and studied classical repertoire. Attracted by the popular side of improvised music, he starts practicing and learning on the street studying tenor and soprano saxophones.In 2003 he goes to Villeurbanne to study jazz at National School of music. He then gets in different bands such as Midnight Birds, Icsis or the Mario Stanchev Quintet in Lyon and expands his range of instruments by adding flute & clarinet. He accompanies Clinton Fearon (former Gladiators) during his European tours. Member of the first "drafts" of Jove! DuVery Big & Experimental Toubi-fri Orchestra he moved to Marseille where he collaborated with the Al Benson Jazz Band & Massilia Jazz Quartet.He played at Jazz in Marciac, Jazz in Vienna, Tanjazz (Tanger) and participated in tours in Africa (Benin, Mali, etc ...) and all through the Maghreb.
Along with Après le Déluge theatre group, he participated in projects Elegy For Silence & Lady Sings the Blues as an actor & musician.
In 2012 he created "Ugo Lemarchand and Eric Surmenian Duo". Currently in Morocco he continues his journey...