Hamza Souissi

Thursday, August 13 2015, 00:00:00

Hamza was Born in 1960 in Rabat and did Primary and secondary education at the French Mission in 1981 to obtain the bachelor's D Series.
Starting to prepare a DEUG in biology at the Faculty of Science of Rabat in parallel with a technical certificate in electronics he decided in 1984 to change course and opted for a musical career with his twin brothers Hassan & Ali.
Self-taught musician, he studied guitar and bass guitar that he particularly likes and perfected over time with the musicians he meets.
Hamza Souissi, together with his musicians brothers participated in many musical experiences of mixing with leading international musicians, often combining jazz and Moroccan musical genres. Since 1987, he participated in several festivals contributing to the lively jazz scene in Morocco. He and his brothers are regularly on show at the Orange Festival, Jazz at Oudayas and later Jazz at Chellah. Not to mention appearances in Carthage (Tunisia) and Cordoba (Spain).
During long years of presence on the scene Moroccan Hamza Souissi work with various musical groups and artists such as Younes Megri, Latifa Raafat, Abdelwahab Doukkali, Samira Saeed, Majid Bekkas he has also participated alongside his brothers in the development of Many Moroccan film music including:
 -Femmes et Femmes, Tissés de toile et d’argent, Du paradis à l’enfer, Tresses 

On the creative side he started with his brothers, an experience that blends jazz improvisation and Moroccan music (rhythms and modes), work that will culminate in April 2011 by recording a CD Biliki in which he sign two compositions.
Away from the limelight, Hamza Souissi continues to appear regularly in the tiny realm of jazz and improvised instrumental music in Morocco