Diana Kerry visits Casablanca.and our gin joint !

Wednesday, September 15 2004, 00:00:00

To underscore how important the vote of overseas Americans is in the Presidential election, Diana Kerry, John Kerry's sister, made a weekend visit to Casablanca September 11-13. As Chair of Americans Overseas for Kerry (AOK), Diana is globetrotting to "Round up the Absentee Voters" and the highlight of her Casablanca visit was an evening meeting with Americans resident in Morocco held at Rick's Café. 

As AOK coordinator for Morocco, I volunteered to host an event at Rick's Café in Casablanca. The symbolism of Rick's and the great tie-in with the Kerry campaign was picked up right away by the AOK staff, and very quickly plans were made for Diana, along with AOK Executive Director Jim Brenner, to visit Morocco after Spain. Rick's was "jammed" on Sunday, September 12, the day of the event. We had a draw of 40 Americans, had given out the www.overseasvote2004.com website to countless others who could not attend and many in the crowd stayed after 8pm to enjoy Rick's Café's weekly Jam Session. 

The event drew Americans from all age groups and professions - some of whom had never voted. Americans teaching at the Casablanca American School were especially enthusiastic, encouraging us to hold events for the debates and election night. 
In this election truly every vote counts. As Americans living overseas we feel the damage that's been done by the Bush administration's policies, and hopefully our outrage will translate into votes.
We've got some great photos and a video clip of Diana's speech..