Mambo Italiano group

Once again, Rick’s café was not wrong about inviting the tenor Marco Borella and pianist Ciprian Oloi.  The group that likes to call themselves “Mambo Italiano” inspired from a popular song of the 50ies have put up a joyful program on a cool February night of this year, echoing the reverberation of classic Italian songs.
 The concert included famous classic songs from the typical Neapolitan repertoire, the same as several popular "Italianissimo” known to the audience.
As for his collaboration with pianist Ciprian Oloi, tenor Marco Borella appreciated in these terms: "It is an honor to performing with Ciprian who is an excellent pianist. It is easier to work with an artist with such talent as he understands quickly: you do not need to talk to communicate. "

 The pianist, Ciprina Oloi is also known to have accompanied several soloists of the Opera. He was master accompanist at the State Opera in Romania, and also a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Orchestra of Moldova, a country where he received his training before moving to the United States.


The Sound of Rick's

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Hamza Souissi

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