The Rick's Café

Table 26

Sometime back in october 2012, the waiter attending table 26 up on the first floor brought the bill to the two couples that had a long slow lunch. They didn't seem in hurry to pay either and he was thinking to himself  "what is taking them so long?". Later, as they were leaving, they thanked him for his patience as it was past normal closing hours. They explained that they loved the place so much that they could stay forever. They took some more photos downstairs and off they went leaving the waiter wondering what was it they loved so much about that table anyway. The most recurrent observation about the interior decoration is the visible attention to details. The fact is that Rick's Café has beautifully laid out interiors featuring a nice range of carefully chosen pieces of furniture and none of them is placed haphazardly. Replacing your living room carpet is maybe a trivial decision but at Rick's it's a serious matter.


Amazing week

There's nothing like the eagerness and "can do" attitude if one has just opened a business...shortly after we opened a young Englishman walked into Rick's. "Eccentric parents" was his explanation for his first name - Maximillion. He was in the(...)


Little pocket of nostalgia

Rick's was 3 months old on June 1. I can remember the first days vividly - the cold nights before we had our augmented electricity, fireplaces that smoked, two barstools and no furnishings on the first floor. What we did have - the ground floor beautifully appointed, the piano, a qualit(...)


I see palm trees, I see water...

It all started back in 1993. After 8 years in Tokyo I was getting ready to start working for the foreign service arm of the Department of Commerce. I was surprised I wasn't assigned to the Embassy in Tokyo, but excited about going to Prague, Czech Republic after a year of language train(...)


Everybody comes to Rick's

Thanks to all the great publicity we've had people are making detours to Casablanca just to come to Rick's. Others happen upon the restaurant by chance. And some seem destined to be here. It's starting to be the opposite from the film - instead of trying to get OUT of Ca(...)


The place is full of vultures, vultures everywhere...

It&#39;s been nearly two weeks now since the &quot;results&quot; of Election 2004 were announced. Shock, outrage, disappointment, cynicism, anger&hellip;what other emotions? Oh yeah, sadness.<br /> Close&hellip;yes too close.<br /> I&#39;ve been unable to p(...)


Happy new year...

We&#39;ve started the New Year right by revising our menu and adding some interesting specials -pheasant fricassee&nbsp;with braised red cabbage and a mushroom strudel just to name two. Mushroom strudel made the menu in a fun way which illustrates Rick&#39;s spontaniety and the adap(...)


It was a very good year…

Rick&#39;s celebrated it&#39;s first&nbsp;anniversary on March 1&hellip;in many ways it seems like yesterday. I can remember vividly the anxiety and mixed emotions I felt then. I had been working on the project for more than two years, and for the most part I worked alone. I dev(...)


Tour de table…

Spring cleaning at the website. Regular readers&nbsp;will notice our &quot;less is more&quot;look, which it really is with all previous articles still accessible through the tab &ldquo;previous entries.&rdquo; I&rsquo;ve been blogging away in mySalon priv&eacute;&(...)